6 Beautiful Scenic Sites in Newport

Do not leave these scenic sites in Newport out of your vacation trip. These are a must see when visiting Rhode Island.

When the New Yorkers escaped to Newport in Rhode Island, they made sure that their visits were made worthwhile in the summer season. They built “summer cottages” along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. The area soon became renowned as the “community of the rich” as the cottages spoke of royalty and nobility.

Newport is currently famous for its historically rich scenic sites, which include The Grand Mansions, New York Yacht Club, Hammersmith Farm, Brenton Point State Park, Ocean Drive, King Park, Ida Lewis Yacht club, Fort Adams State Park, U.S. Coast Guard Station, Castle Hill Inn & Resort, Gooseberry Beach, and so on. Let’s take a quick overview of trolley tours of the Scenic Sites in Newport.


1.     Ocean Drive

The stunning coastal view stretches for about 10 miles, revealing magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean, and this 10-mile drive is mostly adjacent to the coast of Aquidneck Island.

You can relish the breathtaking views of the ocean as well as spend your time in activities such as a trolley tour of the famous ten-mile ocean drive, bike riding, running, kite-flying, fishing, scuba diving, and having a small picnic with friends and family.

2.     Ida Lewis Yacht Club

The Yacht Club is a family club for members and visitors participating in yachting activities. With the beautiful scenic sites in Newport are in the background, a comfortable yachting session with family, and a delicious Hi-Tea are all you need this summer to relive your life the best way you can, with the Viking Tours.

3.     Fort Adams State Park

After crossing the Yacht Club, the next major attraction on your right will be Fort Adams State Park. Fort Adams has three areas of interest; The Museum of yachting, Sail Newport, and President Eisenhower’s summer White House. You can start the tour with the most intriguing scenic site and then move to the next Scenic Site in Newport.

4.     Hammersmith Farm, Ocean Cliff Resort, U.S. Coast Guard Station, and the Castle Inn & Resort

Looking for an exquisite Sunday brunch? You should consider a tours of the Hammersmith Farm, Ocean Cliff Resort, and the U.S. Coast Guard Station. It will drain your energy with all the exciting tours you have taken; Castle Inn & Resort awaits a delicious brunch for you with a beautiful view!

5.     Brenton Point State Park

This Park is built in an excellent location where you can enjoy the refreshing scenic sites and enjoy the views of the ocean. Del’s Truck soft frozen lemonade is what you would not want to miss during your visit to the park. You can sip on some lemonade and breathe into the salty air for as long as you like.

6.     Hazards, Gooseberry, and Bailey’s Beaches

Who doesn’t like a little privacy in the most heavenly places on earth? Newport has some exclusive, exquisite, and private beaches, especially for you. The beaches are open to the public, but the facilities are only available to the club members. The scenic site takes over the mind so quickly that one forgets about all their problems and breathes in and out with the beach waves.


Viking Tours offers you a great chance in fulfilling your dream vacations in the paradise-like part of the world, away from all your work and stress! Give yourself the best gift you can this summer and relish in these beautiful scenic sites in Newport. We here at Viking assure you that you will love it. Contact us today for more tour information.