3 Exciting Newport Lighthouses

If you’re planning your vacation to Rhode Island, these Newport Lighthouses need to be apart of your itinerary.

Newport city is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and situated on Aquidneck Island; it has several breathtaking scenic sites that one wants to look at forever. Newport has always been famous for its summer cottages, drive through cliffs and sailing cruises. In this blog post, we are going to discuss all the Newport lighthouses.

Newport has some extremely scenic and historic lighthouses such as; Beavertail Lighthouse, Rose Island Light, Hog Island Shoal Light, Castle Hill Light, Dutch Island Lighthouse, Ida Lewis Rock Island Lighthouse, Newport Harbor Light, and more. These lighthouses vary between privately owned and owned by the city of Newport.


1.     Rose Island Lighthouse

Rose Island is located North of Newport Harbor, and it can be accessed by ferry from Newport. The Island offers sea tours and overnight stays; guided tours of the Lighthouse include small picnics and annual events. The journeys are based on Sea voyages where one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the wonderful architecture of Rose Island Lighthouse.

Tour hours can vary on special occasions, but the timings are typically between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. The Lighthouse is a historic landmark. Therefore, proper tourist arrangements include toilet facilities, picnic tables, and a summer clambake.

2.     Lime Rock Light (Ida Lewis Yacht Club)

The famous Lime Rock Light stands inside the Ida Lewis Yacht Club, which is not open to the general public. Although the club has some breathtaking views inside its territory, Lime Rock Light is one. Viking Tours aims to make your visit to Newport, Rhode Island, worthwhile with planned self-guided and group tours through trolleys and cruises.

Lime Rock Light is a limestone ledge, and it is known as Ida Lewis Lighthouse because it is named after the Legendary Ida Lewis, who was the lighthouse keeper in 1879. She had proved to be the bravest among all, and that’s how the whole Lighthouse got named after her as a tribute.

The tour is restricted to yacht club members, and the only way to visit this great limestone lighthouse is through a private yacht or a ferry.

3.     Castle Hill Lighthouse

Castle Hill Lighthouse is a beautifully constructed granite tower that guides ships through Narrangansett Bay. The Lighthouse has also been a part of Newport’s famous yacht races by being a starting and finishing point.

This Lighthouse can be seen through the Drive Through walkway that goes a long way on the cliff, but to view it closely, you will have to carefully trek down the path to see it more clearly. To view more closely, you can book your private yacht tours, which are generally not open to the public due to security concerns.

Newport Lighthouses – Conclusion

Plan your visit to Newport, Rhode Island, and bask in the beautiful sunsets of the lighthouses. Make your dreams come true with your travel partner Viking Tours! Contact Viking today to learn more about adding Newport lighthouses to your tour.