5 Memorable Historical Sites in Newport

The city by the sea is an artfully pleasing sight for those searching for paradise on earth. As much as there are the most exciting new things to explore, there are also many deep-rooted historical sites in Newport that are aesthetically appealing and interesting to those who like digging into history. Viking Tours aims to guide you hand in hand through all the scenic and historic sites of Newport.


1.      The Book Lover’s Favorite Spot

Number 1 on the list of historical sites in Newport goes to The Redwood Library and Athenaeum are historic because they were used as a British officer’s club during the Revolutionary War. At present, this beautiful and intriguing library is now open to the public and tourists. The librarians take their job very seriously during the tours, and they take great pride in answering all of the questions regarding the history and worth of the library.

2.      The Cottages That Remind of Hollywood Classics

If you are a fan of Hollywood classics like The Great Gatsby or True Lies, you would not want to miss the mansions known as the summer cottages. Although all of the historic sites in Newport have been carefully designed with beauty, the mansions are designed with such elite substance that it is almost impossible to believe that people reside here.

The architecture of all the mansions is astounding, be it The Breakers, The Marble House, The Elms, Doris Duke or, Rosecliff; one can’t simply take their eyes off but glare at their prestige.

3.      The Dreamy Cliff

If you want to ignite the adventurous and carefree part of your personality, this scenic beauty, Newport Cliff Walk is the biggest tourist attraction and in the area for you. It is a 3.5-mile walking trail open to the public situated on Aquidneck Island. Of all the historical sites in Newport The Dreamy Cliff is the most breathtaking. The best part about your walk on the cliff is that you cannot visit the Mansions as they are situated on the west side of the walking trail. The best part about walking on the cliff is that you can dive into the water and swim as much as you want.

4.      The Defending City by the Sea

Fort Adams’s historical importance is that it is the Defending City by the Sea, and it is one of the most-visited historic sites in Newport. The Fort is a great tourist attraction in the summer season due to its scenic beauty and activities.

You can do a lot of things during your public tour such as fishing, photography, flying your kites or playing ball games and, you can even arrange small picnics with your loved ones. If you are a fan of historical lands, you must know that the Fort is named after President John Adams, and this Fort was used as a garrison for many soldiers during the War.

5.      Scenic Beauty – The International Tennis Hall of Fame

If you are a sports fan, you should not have any second things in mind while visiting the historic sites in Newport. The International Hall of Fame awaits its admirers and enthusiasts to catch the ongoing tournaments during the summer.

It also waits for a golden opportunity for you to play some of the games yourself. Legends like Arthur Ashe, Billie Jean King, Pete Sampras, and Monica Seles have polished their careers. These historic places can also be used as a trendsetter wedding venue if you want to get married at a unique destination.

Conclusion of Historical Sites in Newport

Now that you have read about the scenic beauty and historic sites in Newport, imagine how amazing it would be to visit them! Join the Viking’s Trolley Tour of the historical sites of Newport and see for yourself! Contact Vikings Tours today for more information on experiencing a trip of a lifetime to Newport, RI.