3 Fascinating Grand Mansion Tours in Newport

The Grand Mansion tours in Newport have always attracted interest in history and Hollywood classic movies. Newport has elite mansions that make it hard to believe that people used to live here some time ago.

Viking Tours aims to guide you to enjoy these beautiful places where you can enjoy and learn something new about the mansions and people who used to live here. Some great summer cottages like Bellevue Avenue, The Beakers, and the Marble House.



Visiting the Grand Mansions in Newport

Newport has advanced to an innovative way of making the tours more interesting and engaging according to the requirements of the present era. All mansion trolley tours in Newport are self-guided through an audio tour app.

You are allowed to explore the Mansions once you have downloaded the application on your smartphone. But if you don’t have a smartphone, you need not worry, as paper scripts will be provided to you, which you can only use throughout the cottage tours.

The Newport mansion tours are open at specific timings and on particular days; each Mansion has an alternate timing to the other so that the tourists and natives can enjoy the most of their visits. Proper purchasing of tickets is mandatory for all visitors as the funds collected from these fares are then given to charity. The cottages open for self-guided tours and mansions trolley tours are discussed as follows:

1.      Bellevue Avenue

The legendary Bellevue Avenue is an aesthetic Mansion with its glorious historic gate, fences, and walls. The Mansion has been well-preserved dating back to the 19th century, and the infrastructure itself says that several eminent architects took part in building it.

Mansion trolley tours are planned so that you can blend in with the sight and the deep historical importance behind each part of the Grand Mansions. Bellevue Avenue provided residence to many American elites during the Gilded Age. These elites made Newport Island their home for the summer season.

2.      The Beakers

The Beakers is rated as the grandest summer cottages of Newport. The mansion tours in Newport are usually self-guided, where you can listen to all the audios describing the place and its historical significance. Viking Tours offers you a chance to live your dream while in Rhode Island.

The cottage is known to be a wonder as it was once destroyed by fire, yet its originality and royalty remained preserved. The original inheritors of the Mansion opened the Beakers in 1948 to raise societal funds, and presently, the cottage is entitled to be a National Historic Landmark.

3.      Marble House

The Mansion trolley tours in Newport guide you about the background and the present-day importance of the Marble house. The Marble House is a social and architectural landmark center that eventually transformed the silent Rhode Island into a tourist attraction.

We aim to facilitate all of your requirements during the Mansion tours in Newport. This cottage also has a special tour planned for children under the age of 13 in the form of interesting role-plays and voice-overs, telling stories in an informative and friendly way.


Newport provides a golden opportunity for nature seekers and history lovers to reimburse their favorite sights in the most pleasant weather on Rhode Island. Book your mansion trolley tour in Newport with Viking Tours for the summer season and make your vacations worthwhile!