Wedding Venues in Newport

Wedding Venues in Newport

You are engaged!! Now a million thoughts of your future, and your big day are flashing and running through your mind. You are planning, and planning, and imagining. Preparing to make all of these huge (and small) decisions. One of the most important once, since you’ve decided already that your wedding will be in Newport, is where will your perfect, dream day be at? Wedding venues in Newport are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. All of the wedding options in Newport are unique actually. In this post you will learn about choosing a wedding venue, actual Newport venues, and also some bonus wedding planning tips at the end.

Choosing a Wedding Venue

When choosing the perfect venue for your wedding day, there are quite a few factors to consider. Usually, when you book the venue it’s pretty far in advance, and a deposit will likely be required to reserve the day. You want to make sure that the decision considers everything.

The Vision

First, make sure you and your fiancé have a vision for your dream wedding. This might involve talking with your wedding planner (if you have one), or having a vision board. You will also want to know your must haves, and likes / dislikes.

Guest List

Have your guest list planned out. When visiting these wedding venues the operators will be able to tell you the capacity. When planning the guest list and venue you don’t want the venue too large and empty, or the other way around and too small and crowded.

Wedding TransportationBryan-Julies-wedding

Know how your wedding party is arriving, and where guests will income as well! Some important things to keep in mind when touring these wedding venues: travel time from venue to venue (like hotels, or from ceremony to reception, etc.), convenient, accessibility. Consider traveling to your wedding venue in Newport with one of Viking’s stylish charter buses, or make a unique statement and roll up in a wedding trolley. That is another thing to think about – at the wedding venue will your guests see you arrive / make an entrance!? When you figure out transportation to the wedding venue, it checks that off of the wedding planning checklist.


Budget. Budget, budget, budget – the most vital part of the wedding planning process. When sifting through wedding venues in Newport, the price of the actual venue isn’t the only thing budget wise that you and your fiancé will need to consider. You have to think – will this venue provide chairs, or will you need to rent them? Will they provide wedding entertainment? Or a bartender? Is it extra to have this and that? These are all extra costs that could be saved on, or expenses that could deplete that area of your budget!


6 Wedding Venues in Newport


Longwood Venue – Belle Mer

For a very sophisticated, luxurious wedding experience the Belle Mer would be an option. Right by the water, and the Belle Mer is contemporary and gorgeous. It features four different room options Ocean Lawn, Water Salon, Island House, and Loft. They also offer onsite parking.


Longwood Venue – Newport Beach House

If you want that ocean wedding, with a laid back feel Newport Beach House is a good pick. Enjoy the smell of the salty ocean, and the beautiful sand. At the Newport Beach House they have two different terraces to choose from, eventide, and surfside. The oyster lounge inside, or exactly why you’re there the beach set up.



The Bohlin Wedding and Events

The Bohlin is a unique dockside terrace. During your wedding you and your guests will be surrounded by beautiful sail boats and yachts. Admire, and hear the relaxing ocean as you live out your dream day at the wedding venue in Newport.



OceanCliff Hotel

This wedding venue in Newport has many different packages to choose from for your special day. They feature a tented upperdeck, and an oceanfront option as well. The oceanfront overlooks Narragansett Bay in Newport. Beautiful choice!



Regatta Place

Another waterfront wedding option in Newport is the Regatta Place location. They have many rehearsal dinner options, and various wedding packages to choose from. Breathtaking views, dockside vibes, and just enough seclusion for the perfect day.


Queen Anne’s Loft

For a very classical, traditional feel and vibe Queen Anne’s Loft is located in downtown Newport. Beautiful, historic event venue constructed in the 1800s. When choosing a wedding venue this one has that class, and unmatchable vibe that if in your vision, you will not be able to pass up.

Bonus: Wedding Venues Tips

  • Consider ceremony options
  • Get an accurate quote with a list of everything included
  • Figure out how far in advance you need to book the wedding venue
  • Does a wedding coordinator or planner come with the venue package?
  • Will the reception and ceremony both be there?
  • Know bad weather backups
  • Find out if there are curfews, or noise restrictions
  • Read reviews and testimonials

More Information

We hope these Newport wedding venue options get you one close step closer to perfecting your dream day. For more information on transportation options offered by Viking Tours, please contact us.