5 Epic Things to Do in Newport, Rhode Island

5 Epic Things to Do in Newport – Add these to your trip!

If you are a nature lover and an aesthetic pleasure seeker, you cannot find a better place than Newport for your vacations – it’s an all-in-one package! In this post, we will share several awesome things to do in Newport and how Viking Tours can assist you in all the fun activities.


1.      Walk Through the Magnificent Mansions

One of the many things to do in Newport is visiting their historic mansions rich with artistic diligence. You will not be just visiting some old residences of the wealthy; rather, you’ll be walking through the stories that every stone there has experienced. The rich colors and art will welcome you into an entirely different world with intimate and gigantic interiors.

2.      Experience the Beautiful Newport Beaches

Newport beaches are no less than a treat for your eyes. The melodic sounds of waves, warm sand, and welcoming breeze brush against your skin. The magnificent scenery will captivate your mind when you lay your eyes on it. It makes for a perfect combo of fun times and Insta worthy clicks!

3.      Fly With the Breeze

Ocean drives are a must among the things to do in Newport. If you can’t walk on the ocean, riding alongside is equally magical. Experiencing a calm walk or bike ride on our winding coastal drive and viewing some of the spectacular ocean sceneries will make you feel like a free bird spreading your wings.

4.      A View that Takes Your Breath Away

Who wouldn’t want to go to a height where they get to have a panoramic view of this heaven on earth. A breathtaking cliff walk is among the top things to do in Newport to unwind from all your stress.

Imagine yourself standing on the clifftop, beautiful Newport beaches on your one side and magnificent mansions on the other, the melody of crashing waves, sea breeze dancing around you, and stunningly golden sunlight right on you. Might just sit on a throne and become a sea God/Goddess!

5.      Dive Into the Melody

While Newport is all about classic, historical, and nature stuff, the place also has a touch of music to it. You will be witnessing a folk festival, music nights, and many talented people stepping up on the platform to take you on a harmonizing and magical time!


While planning your trip is fun, a professional familiar with the location planning it for you is like a cherry on top. Our tour guides and receptive services will welcome, accommodate, and take you on a trip you will remember for your life and won’t get tired boasting about. We offer to serve the best of all tours with specially tailored packages to make your trip as personalized as possible.

Whether you are visiting for an hour, a day, a week, or more, we promise to make every moment count! You will not be missing a bit of fun, be it a sudden music fest or a colorful sunset that will melt your soul. Vikings will make Newport an unforgettable addition to your memories!